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    at time 16:03 train passes a main signal+advance signal and both are opened for train coming in opposite direction . How is possible this ?

    thanks for reply


    Sorry if i dont speak german.

    have a question about this simulation

    in Heigenbrucken station (main) in some photos (2013) there is a platform also for track 4. In simulation only track 1-2-3 have platform.

    thanks for the reply at my question.

    Diego from Italy

    Please is there someone that can translate in English :

    in Bedienung :

    KF Bedienung neue Bauart (nur Bauart DB)

    Zeitabhangige BiFu und Rafu Meldungen
    Ein Mit Prufung Aus
    Ein ohne prufung Ausgabe nur uber Zeit
    Ein ohne Abfahrbereitschaftsmeldung

    in Betrieb :

    UV SperrungenAnrufschranken

    Halteverzogerung Bahnsteig

    in Storung :

    Langsamfahrstellen Gleisfreimeldestorungen

    thanks in advance for the reply

    Diego from Italy

    last sunday evening i wrote an email to with attached files .dat to have my lizenz for geltenddorf simulation and day after i have reapeted the email directly to but at this morning all without reply. Can i have some help from Estwsim staff.
    Thanks and greetings from NW Italy
    Diego (intallonabile)

    Sorry if i write in english.

    another problem in Immenstadt ESTW is the correct service at manual railorad crossing with telephone request from road users. If i set a little level in Actions option this can become a nightmare . I think that Immenstadt can be a good simulation but with some less train on timetable, and not so big number of manual request Railroad crossing

    good evening


    at time 07:09 train receive at Honebach station an hp2 aspect . The strange things is that points in front at train are normals and train keep the right track. But how can the dispatcher give this type of signal aspect if direction of train is not for the left track and there is not GWB ?

    thanks in advance for reply at this question

    Italian train dispatcher