Strange signal aspect

  • Hello Diego,

    at the time the video was recorded, there was a failure at the track (i think at the switches), so that they decided to show that signal, which permitted the maximum speed up to 40 km/h.

  • Something like that is normally not done by showing Hp2, simply because the Hardware doesn't allow this. - It requires rewiring of the signalling system. If there was a faulty switch the would be "Langsamfahrsignale" (Lf1,2 and 3) not Hp2. The Option of showing Hp2 for a track you would normally enter with Hp1 is only available for tracks in the Station where you can select a shorter overlap.

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    at time 16:03 train passes a main signal+advance signal and both are opened for train coming in opposite direction . How is possible this ?

    thanks for reply


  • This can happen when the signal box controlling the signals is not manned at the time. When there are no planned passings between trains/no planned shunting movements the signal box can temporerly be put out of operations. In that case the signals in both directions would show clear aspects.

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